Equipping students to think: Creatively, Critically, and Well.

The Intellectual Virtues Academy is a public Long Beach high school, open to all students, authorized by Los Angles County Office of Education (LACOE). The John Templeton Foundation awarded a $2 million grant to expand the Intellectual Virtues Academy’s highly successful middle school into a high school for the 2016 school year. This generous donation allows us to fulfill our mission to equip students with the qualities they will need to succeed in every area of their life, allowing for their multiple interests and talents to develop and flourish. Find out more about learning at the Academy.

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A Quest For Understanding

To foster meaningful growth in intellectual character virtues in a thoughtful, challenging, and supportive academic environment.

The Academy’s unique educational approach provides engaging and challenging learning opportunities – through honors, AP, college prep, or intervention courses – as a way of helping students grow as critical and creative thinkers. Students will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and “habits of mind” needed for success in college, careers, and beyond. We will be a one-to-one technology school, allowing for a significant amount of our curricular materials to be cloud-based supported with appropriate textbooks.

The Academy practices a “culture of thinking,” teaching you how to think rather than what to think. A highly engaging approach provides you supported opportunities to grow. This combination of engagement and rigor is the hallmark of our model, and why parents (and students) are almost universally satisfied with this approach.

The Academy is committed to athletics, the arts, and a rich blend of extracurricular activities for all students. Because the Academy is a smaller school, you will have numerous opportunities to participate and serve as leaders. Our athletes compete in CIF, club, and intramural sports; our artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work with, and compete against, other schools.

College and career planning begins in 9th grade with a personalized academic plan designed with the guidance of our college counselors. Your plan will include: college visits, PSAT testing, SAT/ACT prep classes, transcript evaluation, resume editing, application workshops, attending information nights, and an integrated planning and advising system.

Let learning be your pathway


The Academy’s unique educational approach nurtures qualities of an excellent thinker and a life-long learner. The ultimate goal of an intellectual virtues education is richer and more meaningful than becoming good at memorizing or merely taking tests. We address the person you are, the person you will become, and prepare you for whatever pathway you choose in college, your career, and beyond. Colleges and employers today are placing an increasing value on the skills and dispositions that the Academy provides.


Our engaging, interdisciplinary humanities program will provide a foundation for you to be master communicators and thinkers, while equipping you to make thoughtful, real-life connections within your academic courses. For example, in ninth-grade, you will take Introduction to Logic: Engaging the Intellectual Virtues, which will provide the essential framework of applied reasoning.

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Art I

College Prep

Conceptual Physics

College Prep, Honors

Physical Education

Fitness & Nutrition

Math & Writing Tutorials

College Prep, Honors


Advisory Program

Join a safe and collaborative community

The Academy offers a small school community with the benefits of a specialized, comprehensive program.
The Academy student to counselor ratio 120:1 while the California student to counselor ratio is 945:1
90% of students reported feeling safe at school
100% of parents reported they felt their child was safe at school. Source: anonymous student/parent surveys from the Intellectual Virtues Academy middle school
The Academy at full enrollment: 480 students
Student to Teacher ratio lower than district average

The Academy will enable you to be a self-motivated, competent and life-long learner. We are currently accepting freshman applications for the 2016-2017 school year.